Physical activities make our body and mind feel refreshed. An unavoidable part of any physical activity like sports, athletics, etc are injuries. We provide you with proper support and rehab, braces and splints not only support your bones and muscles but also help you to recover from an injury in a Usain Bolt way. Let the Sachin or Messi in you evolve and reach great heights of success. Reach apex of physical and mental fitness without worrying about any injury or complication.

  • Anklet


    Anklet is designed to immobilize, protect and support ankle following any injury or ankle
    sprain. It aligns the foot and ankle, compresses the affected area to assist in healing muscle
    strains, ligament sprains and unstable joints and control pain and inflammation. It also
    helps in speeding up recovery and reduces the chances of reinjuring the injured area.

    Features :
     Easy to wear and pull on
     Four way easy Stretch
     Breathable fabric provides better support and comfort
     Provides snug fitting
     Offers controlled compression around the ankle

    Recommended for :
     Moderate ankle sprains
     Moderate ankle swelling
     Ankle ligament tear
     Tenosynovitis



  • Elbow Cap


    Elbow Cap is an ideal aid to provide support and relief from pain and tenderness associated with
    Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow, Arthritis or old age. It supports weakened muscles and provides
    comfortable compression for pain relief in the forearm and elbow. It also helps in preventing sports injury and overstressed elbow joint.

     Ensures targeted pressure and support to a damaged ligament or injured elbow
     Applies constant compression
     Provides therapeutic warmth to the affected area and improves blood circulation
     Heals and recovers injuries faster
     Full elbow coverage
     Light in weight
     Soft and Comfortable
     Available in 4 sizes S,M, L, XL

    Recommended for
     Elbow Strain or Sprain
     Epicondylitis
     Golfer’s Elbow
     Chronic Swelling
     Osteoarthritis


    Elbow Cap

  • Exercise Hand Gripper


     Heavy Duty Steel Spring
     Level adjusted by removing or adding springs
     Durable

  • Feathers Socks


    Feather Health Socks have unique Anti-microbial treatment. They protect against fungal infectionand keeps the feet odour free. Soft & Breathable Terrylined bottom protects the feet from microinjuries. It reduces the risk of corns and calluses and allows to experience outstanding comfort.Feather Health Socks have a therapeutic length, which minimizes hindrance to the peripheral bloodflow. Non- biting top protects from ankle marks and rashes thus keeping feet healthy. Provides allweather comfort.

    Features :
     Reduces Odour
     Protects Feet from Injuries
     Therapeutic Length and Non- Biting Top
     All Weather Comfort

     Corns and Calluses,
     Itching or Rashes in the Feet
     Smelly or Sweaty Feet
     Fungal Infection
     Abnormal Blood Circulation
     Also Suitable for Sensitive and Diabetic Feet

    Feathers Socks

  • Knee cap


    Knee Cap is widely used in orthopedic practice to provide mild compression warmth and support to the limbs and joints. Its elastic nature ensures a long life.


     Easy to wear and pull on
     Non-bitting top
     Four-way easy stretch
     Provides snug fitting
     Excellent for mild sprains

     Mild arthritis
     Sprain and Strain
     Cartilage damage


    Knee cap

  • Physio Putty


     It is non sticky
     It is non greasy
     Colour Yellow
     Available in different level

  • Thera Band


     Latex free
     Perfect for any kind of workouts and designed for both men and women.
     Helps shape body curve and improve muscle tone.

  • Wrist Wrap


    There’s every chance you could injure yourself in your training sessions, so a firm support for the vulnerable areas of your body is essential. That’s where the Wrist wrap comes in. Made from the neoprene, which offers the best heat retention and maximum compression, the wrist wrap takes the tension off the wrist and offers support to a very injury-prone area of the body.

     Made from neoprene
     Retains body heat to warm muscles and increases blood circulation
     Strap closure enables quick and precise positioning
     Stretch fabric offers compression with snug fit

    Recommended for
     Wrist strain and sprain
     Orthopaedic conditions
     Muscular pain in wrist


    Wrist Wrap

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