Founded in 2006 as Amron orthotics, we entered the Indian orthopedic market & create a niche space for ourselves with the introduction of our critically acclaimed product “ The Backrest”.

Behemothic response from the market encouraged us to introduce an entire range of backrest covering all the seating surfaces.

Following the success of our backrest range, we ventured into complete seating solutions (back & hip care) & quickly became India’s biggest orthotics company specializing in comfortable seating solutions.

Today at XAMAX Ergonomics Pvt. Ltd., we are committed to providing high utility, excellent quality, affordable & easily available products to our customers.

As ‘Category Definers’, we are the only orthopedic company in India that has broken the market barriers of conventional selling & successfully ventured into avenues like Travel retail, Upmarket retail chains, hypermarkets, corporates, trade associations, national conclaves, sports medicine & rehabilitation centers to name a few.

With a product range that is in sync with the Human anatomy, we have been successful to establish ourselves as one of the Premier names in the Indian Orthopedic market.

Each product that XAMAX develops is measured by two critical parameters

  • Scientific designing
  • Ergonomic crafting.

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