What is Sitting?

Oxford dictionary defines sitting as “A continuous period of being seated, especially when engaged in a particular activity.”

Modern world demands Proficiency & proficiency always comes with time spent on any particular activity. Sitting has become an integral part of today’s lifestyle. Today any individual spends up to 10 hours sitting every day. Often, prolonged sitting has been linked with – ”

What is Comfortable Sitting?

Imagine you can sit as long you want, as comfortably as you want without the effects of prolonged sitting. This sitting experience is called Comfortable Sitting. This experience can only be brought to you By XAMAX, India’s leading back care company. XAMAX with its impeccable combination of Scientific Design + Ergonomic Crafting provides you a comfortable sitting experience for any seat. From Office seat to car seat, from Sofa’s to beds, from Computer chairs to Executive chairs, XAMAX can provide you with the most comfortable sitting experience Anytime! Anywhere!

How Can We Help ?

We at XAMAX are fully committed to provide a comfortable sitting experience to Anyone/ Anytime/Anywhere. We Offer a wide range of Backrest with cover all the sitting surfaces.

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