• Cervical Collar (Soft)


     Deep serpentine contour to hold the head in a neutral position
     Appropriate sizing for perfect support
     Cotton towel cover for sweat absorption

    Recommended for:

     Cervical disc disease
     Cervical Spondylitis
     Whiplash Injuries
     Early Rheumatoid disease
     Postoperative Care
     Torticollis
     Cervical Collar

  • Cervical Pillow

    Cervical Pillow is ergonomically designed to support your neck in a proper position while you sleep. A cervical pillow holds your head and neck at the right angles when you are in a resting position. It aligns the neck in a hyperextension position at night to counter the stress and strain and cure cervical problems while sleeping. It maintains the natural curvature of the neck during sleep side-lying and supine positions. It supports the neck and relaxes the neck muscles and ligaments

    Features :

     Scientifically designed
     Excellent Flexibility
     P.U foam with Resilience
     Absorb Vibrations
     Soft Breathable Fabric
     Ultimate Comfort
     Available in Universal Size.

    Recommended For

     Cervical Spondylosis,
     Back Pain
     Cardiac Stress


    Cervical Pillow

  • Neckrest

    Xamax neck rest is specially designed u shaped neck cushion that comfortably fits and reduces pressure and tension around the neck and on head and shoulder. The pillow is made from memory foam which slips around the neck quickly and easily and provides a soft but firm support to the head and neck. Perfect for those who travel for long hours in planes and cars. It can also be used while watching TV, Reading Books or any other activity that causes stress to the neck and back from sitting for a prolonged period.


     Light weight and Easy to Use
     Universal Design
     U shaped Neck cushion for Improved fit and comfort
     Memory foam which easily molds to the shape of the neck
     Ideal for those who travel for long hours in planes and cars.

    Size: Universal



  • Philadelphia Collar


     Preformed Chin
     Anatomical Design
     Hypoallergenic material
     Tracheostomy opening
     Two-piece design


    Philadelphia Collar


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