Cervical Collar (Soft)


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 Deep serpentine contour to hold the head in a neutral position
 Appropriate sizing for perfect support
 Cotton towel cover for sweat absorption

Recommended for:

 Cervical disc disease
 Cervical Spondylitis
 Whiplash Injuries
 Early Rheumatoid disease
 Postoperative Care
 Torticollis
 Cervical Collar

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Cervical Collars are commonly used in conditions where partial or controlled immobilization
of the neck is required allowing muscles to relax and for faster recovery. It is also used for the
treatment of neck pain, which can be by acute trauma or chronic neck pain. Cervical
Collar Supports and protects the neck against any jerks or vibration during travel. It gives extra
support to prevent further damage.


Product Size (S) Size (M) Size (L)
Cervical Collar (Soft) 3-3.5 Inch 3.5-4 Inch 4-4.5 Inch


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