• 3/4 Insole


     It is highly effective in amputated diabetic foot.
     It has a side cover for a proper foot coverage & prevents foot slippage.
     Available size- S, M, L

  • Anklet


    Anklet is designed to immobilize, protect and support ankle following any injury or ankle
    sprain. It aligns the foot and ankle, compresses the affected area to assist in healing muscle
    strains, ligament sprains and unstable joints and control pain and inflammation. It also
    helps in speeding up recovery and reduces the chances of reinjuring the injured area.

    Features :
     Easy to wear and pull on
     Four way easy Stretch
     Breathable fabric provides better support and comfort
     Provides snug fitting
     Offers controlled compression around the ankle

    Recommended for :
     Moderate ankle sprains
     Moderate ankle swelling
     Ankle ligament tear
     Tenosynovitis



  • Arm Sling

    Pouch Arm Sling is crafted to provide even distribution and support to the injured upper body part simultaneously with the cast. It holds supports and immobilizes the broken, sprained or surgically operated arm in flexion position.

     Sleek and smart design suitable in hot & humid climatic conditions
     Adjustable design with convenient application
     Soft & breathable fabric that provides excellent ventilation
     Easy opening & closing with slide buckle
     Minimizes the pressure and reduces thumb fatigue
     Thumb loop helps prevent wrist drop

    Recommended for :
     Cast support
     Injuries to the arm, wrist or hand
     Glenohumeral dislocations
     Post-surgical or post cast care of the arm
     Dislocated shoulder or a sprain
     Conditions requiring support or immobilization of fractured, sprained or surgically operated
    arm in flexion position
     Provides even weight  distribution and support to the injured body part simultaneously with
    the cast


    Arm Sling

  • Carpal Tunnel Splint


     Snug Fitting
     Perfect immobilization
     Controlled compression
     No buckle biting

  • Cervical Collar (Soft)

     Deep serpentine contour to hold head in neutral position
     Appropriate sizing for perfect support
     Cotton towel cover for sweat absorption

    Recommended for:
     Cervical disc disease
     Cervical Spondylitis
     Whiplash Injuries
     Early Rheumatoid disease
     Postoperative Care
     Torticollis
     Cervical Collar

  • Cervical Pillow


    Cervical Pillow is ergonomically designed to support your neck in a proper position while you sleep. A cervical pillow holds your head and neck at the right angles when you are in a resting position. It aligns the neck in hyperextension position at night to counter the stress and strain and cure cervical problems while sleeping. It maintains the natural curvature of the neck during sleep side-lying and supine position. It supports the neck and relaxes the neck muscles and ligaments

    Features :
     Scientifically designed
     Excellent Flexibility
     P.U foam with Resilience
     Absorb Vibrations
     Soft Breathable Fabric
     Ultimate Comfort
     Available in Universal Size.

    Recommended For
     Cervical Spondylosis,
     Back Pain
     Cardiac Stress


    Cervical Pillow

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