• Philadelphia Collar


     Preformed Chin
     Anatomical Design
     Hypoallergenic material
     Tracheostomy opening
     Two-piece design


    Philadelphia Collar

  • Swivel Cushion


    • Ideal for those with limited mobility
    • Diminish the risk of straining back or knee
    • Non-skid cushion

    Swivel Cushion

  • Maternity Belt


     Fully Adjustable
     Extra padding for comfortable
     Relieves back pain
     Strong breathable material


    Maternity Belt

  • Knee Immobilizer


     Perfect Knee Immobilizer for injured and post-operative knee
     Anatomically contoured aluminum splints ensure perfect immobilization and grip
     PUF fused fabric for better cushioning, enhanced comfort, and long life
     Light in weight, aesthetically smart, and improves compliance

  • 3/4 Insole


     It is highly effective in amputated diabetic feet.
     It has a side cover for proper foot coverage & prevents foot slippage.
     Available size- S, M, L


    3/4 Insole

  • Toe Separator


     These very soft Silicon products help to protect your bunion from knocking and bumping.
     They will help to realign toes to their natural position if you wore every day
     It’s an elastic silicon Material and one size fits all.
     It’s a toe straighten and protector only and will not heal the pain.

  • Elbow Cap

    Elbow Cap is an ideal aid to provide support and relief from pain and tenderness associated with
    Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow, Arthritis, or old age. It supports weakened muscles and provides
    comfortable compression for pain relief in the forearm and elbow. It also helps in preventing sports injury and overstressed elbow joints.


     Ensures targeted pressure and support to a damaged ligament or injured elbow joint.
     Applies constant compression
     Provides therapeutic warmth to the affected area and improves blood circulation
     Heals and recovers injuries faster
     Full elbow coverage
     Light in weight
     Soft and Comfortable
     Available in 4 sizes S,M, L, XL

    Recommended for:

     Elbow Strain or Sprain
     Epicondylitis
     Golfer’s Elbow
     Chronic Swelling
     Osteoarthritis”


    Elbow Cap

  • Arm Sling

    Pouch Arm Sling is crafted to provide even distribution and support to the injured upper body part simultaneously with the cast. It holds supports and immobilizes the broken, sprained, or surgically operated arm in the flexion position.


     Sleek and smart design suitable in hot & humid climatic conditions
     Soft & breathable fabric that provides excellent ventilation
     Easy opening & closing with slide buckle
     Minimizes the pressure and reduces thumb fatigue
     Thumb loop helps prevent wrist drop

    Recommended for :

     Cast support
     Injuries to the arm, wrist, or hand
     Glenohumeral dislocations
     Post-surgical or post cast care of the arm
     Dislocated shoulder or a sprain
     Conditions requiring support or immobilization of fractured sprained or surgically operated
    arm in flexion position
     Provides even weight  distribution and support to the injured body part simultaneously with
    the cast



    Arm Sling

  • 275.00315.00

    Knee Cap

  • Cervical Collar (Soft)


     Deep serpentine contour to hold the head in a neutral position
     Appropriate sizing for perfect support
     Cotton towel cover for sweat absorption

    Recommended for:

     Cervical disc disease
     Cervical Spondylitis
     Whiplash Injuries
     Early Rheumatoid disease
     Postoperative Care
     Torticollis
     Cervical Collar

  • Cervical Pillow

    Cervical Pillow is ergonomically designed to support your neck in a proper position while you sleep. A cervical pillow holds your head and neck at the right angles when you are in a resting position. It aligns the neck in a hyperextension position at night to counter the stress and strain and cure cervical problems while sleeping. It maintains the natural curvature of the neck during sleep side-lying and supine positions. It supports the neck and relaxes the neck muscles and ligaments

    Features :

     Scientifically designed
     Excellent Flexibility
     P.U foam with Resilience
     Absorb Vibrations
     Soft Breathable Fabric
     Ultimate Comfort
     Available in Universal Size.

    Recommended For

     Cervical Spondylosis,
     Back Pain
     Cardiac Stress


    Cervical Pillow

  • Norma Respirator Plus (set of 25 masks)

     Product Features:

    • 5 step filtration
    • Water-resistant
    • N-95 Level Performance
    • Air-permeable
    • Soft-touch feel
    • Ultrasonic welding
    • Comfortable fabric.
    • High Elastic earloop
    • Proudly made in India
    • CE Certified
    • ATIRA Certified

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