Amron Xamax Vuuk Backrest for Sofa and Bed


Amron Xamax Vuuk Backrest Product Features

  • The Original Backrest: Every backrest aspires to be Amron Xamax, but no one comes close. We are the original, authentic and market leaders: miles ahead of the followers.
  • Used by leaders: The Prime Minister, the President, CDS, and various other prominent citizens and celebrities patronize Amron Xamax Backrest.
  • Improves posture, eliminates pain: The genesis of most BackAches is a bad sitting posture. Amron Xamax Backrest makes sure that the sitting posture is proper.
  • Universal Design: Two big enemies of the back are the sofas and bed backs. Amron Xamax Backrest fits in both places perfectly.
  • Medical Grade Poly-Flexi Foam: The right recipe makes all the difference. The product is an ideal combination of strength and suppleness.
  • Removable/Washable Cover: Although you don’t need to, if required, the cover can be removed and washed.
  • Long-Lasting: Our first user who bought it in 2007 is still using it happily.
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Amron Xamax VUUK Backrest for Sofa/Bed has been the original ergonomic backrest since 2019. It provides pain relief from backaches due to prolonged sitting hours. The Prime Minister, President, CDS, and many other prominent citizens and celebrities patronize this product. Lakhs of users have used this backrest to ensure a healthy posture while sitting.

The orthopedically designed backrest provides amazing support to the back and spine. Amron Xamax VUUK Backrest ensures a perfect spinal alignment as it supports the lower back ergonomically. The product is made out of medical-grade PU Foam. It has very fine quality, anti-sweat, removable outer cover made of eco-friendly materialsYou can use it with equal ease and efficiency on a Sofa or a Bed.

An average person “sits” almost 60% of his waking hours. A significant percentage of this is spent sitting on sofas or beds. Unfortunately, both sofas and beds have very un-ergonomic backs. These un-ergonomic backs result in constant back strain and backache.

Amron Xamax VUUK Backrest corrects this anomaly in the backs of sofas and beds. When using an Amron Xamax Backrest, even if you sit long hours on a bed watching TV, your back will remain fresh.

It also provides excellent support and pain relief to people suffering from muscle aches, arthritis, herniated disks, stenosis, and general sore backs. It even provides back pain relief to expectant mothers.

Very simple to use and highly effective. You can find positive reviews about this product all over the internet. You may call it a backrest for a sofa or a backrest for a bed, but it is a backrest for eliminating back pain.

Additional information

Weight .600 kg
Dimensions 33 × 40.6 × 17.8 cm

Black, Blue, Gray

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