Coccyx or tailbone pain is said to be one of the most persistent pain which can last for many months. XAMAX Coccyx Pro focuses on your tailbone and provides you with the maximum comfort and relief arising due to prolonged sitting.




  • Hypoallergenic breathable 3D design- Long time usage of product hips and thighs by prevents any kind of allergy. It is skin-friendly, anti-microbial and specially designed for sitting.
  • Wide range of use- can be used on a wide range of seating surface from chairs, sofa, and car seat to wheelchairs as well.
  • Poly Flexi foam- Poly Flexi foam makes the affect variable forces acting on the coccyx bone null and void thus providing you with a relaxed setting. Our unique foam ensures that any Xamax Product is
  • Resilient– High resilience ensures that the product can be used over the years without getting de-shaped.
  • Shock Absorption– The unique composition of the foam ensures no user experiences any unwanted impact while sitting.
  • Unique cut out section- The unique cut out section placed below your tailbone relieves pressure on coccyx bone for pain-free sitting for the longer number of hours.
  • Washable cover- Cover is easy to remove and hence can be washed when required.
  • Various colour options available- Comes in three different colours viz. blue, black and grey
  • Elevated design- The unique elevated design promotes corrects spinal alignment.
  • Universal Size- Can be used on any seating surface for maximum comfort.
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Additional information

Weight 0.450 kg
Dimensions 33 × 42 × 6.35 cm

Black, Blue, Gray

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